Typewriter Effect

Hello Quest Team!

I searched in this forum about this effect but did not find more than:
"TextFX_Typewriter(text, int speed)"

My Question: Can somebody explain, how to add this text effect to the TEXT OF ALL PAGES (without choices) and to the WHOLE STORY and not only to separated sequences and sentences like in the script mode of the main game settings.
I want to write a gamebook which should be build on only this effect.
Is it possible?


I don't know of a way to have it apply to all text generally.

One reason it might be included only as an effect instead of as a general feature is that (in my opinion) when used too much, it becomes really annoying, especially without a way to fast forward through it. (For example, some games with that effect allow you to press a key or button to bypass the text since after a while it gets very tedious for the text to appear at a rate slower than normal reading.) It's up to you how you want to create your game, but as a player, I doubt I'd be able to get through a game that used typewriter throughout the game. Life's just too short to sit around waiting for text to appear.

Thanks a lot Jay!

How about then with "wait" between the passages?
Is there a possibility that the whole text of one page should not appear immediately, but only after some seconds (2-5), so the reader can read the story sentence by sentence?

Again, this is all just my opinion... :) Used judiciously, it can be ok. Used too much, and it just leads to frustration, to a desire to "get on with it". It's a question of the game being in control of the game experience instead of the player and dictating how quickly the player is allowed to read. I know I find that I end up spending all my time waiting for the text to show up instead of doing what I want to do, which is play the game! And that breaks the immersion, where the flash gets in the way of the substance.

Now, I have used typewriter types effects in my game "spondre" - but only on the title screen and at two specific times for single line output, for "dramatic effect". Beyond that, I left the game in the player's control.

for simple displayment of delayed/controlled text for reading purposes:

there's is the 'wait' function which effectively pauses until the screen is clicked (though you may find the big blue 'continue' hyperlink in the way... I think there's maybe ways of removing it, but not sure --- way beyond my ability! lol): http://docs.textadventures.co.uk/quest/scripts/wait.html

you can use use the 'Timer' Element too: http://docs.textadventures.co.uk/quest/elements/timer.html

you can also control via using a counter Integer Attribute too.

thank you Hegemonkan

Thanks to all.
One last question : How to integrate these functions into game?
Can somebody give a little tutorial for one scripted function please.

I got it. Thanks to all!

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