Why dont people make Walkthroughs?

Is it because most people don't want to download Quest? Or cause it will ruin the game? I need a good reason on why Walkthroughs aren't used. Thanks for answering.

I am currently about halfway through creating a Quest game.

I wondered this as well. So, I plan to make a walkthrough when I'm done with it, and we'll just find out for ourselves!

A walk through is an option IF:

  1. The author realizes Quest has a walk through option when testing your game AND that you could copy-paste it from the code view AND the author has the wherewithal to include a walk through 'command'. Even then the copy-paste would just look like a string of input and it would be hard to follow/find anything.
  2. The game is short.
  3. The creator is okay with just giving away solutions to his/her game.

A hint system built into the game trumps a walk through any day but these are very time consuming and difficult to implement especially if the author is new to writing games.

I'd usually say most large games where the author takes time and does it right, will have a hint system. Although, some authors prefer NOT to have a hint system because it does kind of cheapen the challenge.

Short answer: most authors do not take the time to do it. And, if they do, it is usually in the form of a hint system.

The good authors that post games here tend to answer questions pretty quickly. So, try to post a message on the comments section of the game or PM them with the new messaging system.

Good luck!

I suppose it depends on the game you are making. I saw it was an option in the downloadable version, but never bothered with it because: 1. I didn't want to bother with downloading my previously made games into the system, and 2. My game (1 at the moment) seemed too simple/easy to justify adding cheat codes. I might add some in my next game though (Pokémon Type Harley, Something or other). I suppose it is possible to create your own "cheat codes," either create an empty room to store items, or create an object that you can tell passwords for cheats (and store the objects, if any, in the other object).

I do agree most games are too short.

Ah. Okay. I understand now. Thank you everyone.

I see this is resolved, but I said I'd test it out and return, so here we go:

I just made a walkthrough in Quest.

(NOTE: If we're just talking about a walkthrough in general, and not the walkthrough thingy that's built into Quest, there's no need to read the rest of this because I misinterpreted the question.)

It's basically the same thing as a game save, but you can use it while making the game AND you can edit or delete any command in the list.

NOTE: I included the walkthrough when I published to the site, and I see neither hide nor hair of a walkthrough in the online version.

Here's a post concerning the lack of walkthroughs while editing online. (I assume this goes for playing online as well.)


Like I say though, it's just like loading a saved game. The screen quickly scrolls down to the last command on the list.

If the screen was cleared at any point, you wouldn't even be able to scroll up to the top to read the game's output from the beginning...

I think it's pretty much just for editing.

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