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Hi there,
I'm trying to setup an interaction where the player "answers the door" and the game prints out the ensuing conversation. So I have a verb "answer" on the object "door," but the "Print a message" assignment only provides a one-line input box. This isn't great for typing in large chunks of text such as a conversation. Is there another way to do this or should I just edit in Code View? Thanks.

I'd say it's better to edit it as a script, really. A separate msg statement for each line of the conversation.

Though you could change the door into a room/object, and put the conversation in the 'description' field, so that Quest will add all the line breaks and escaping for you. Save messing about with HTML. I'm not sure, but I think the description attribute will stay there even if you change it back into a plain object, so you can then have your verb just print {door.description}

msg ("This is line 1 (hit Enter and get a new line)
Then this is line 2.")
msg("This is line 1
Then line 2.")

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I realized after I posted the question that the input form for Print a message isn't actually single line, it just appeared that way to me because there was no resize handle. But it does indeed allow for multiple lines if you just hit enter while typing.

Thanks again!

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