Quest on mobile?

Is there a way to get quest on mobile? I was looking and there was mention of an app (?) But so far only option I see is to download on Windows. Sure there is the online format that I'm ending up using, but ad on mobile, I have a text box that is always auto selected (meaning ready for me to type) that makes the screen go wonky for about 10-15 seconds while the keyboard phases in and out, making it difficult and annoying. Thanks.

Edit: for any clarification, from my understanding quest is used to play some stories as well. Not really interested in creating at the moment.

There used to be a way but it gave mixed results and I'm not sure if Alex got his head fully round the issue.

First Times came out as an app though back in 2012.

I think the planned changes in Quest will iron out all the various problems but I doubt it'll appear any time soon.

From what I understand (which could be questionable anyway) devices with on screen keyboards have problems where the keyboard covers up part of the display. It may work better where everything is a link, but not for text entry...
That is where PCs work better...
But, I'm not so sure I would want to see someone wheeling around a cart with a portable generator with a PC setup walking down the street just to play a quest game while not at home!

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