Failed to load the game

Hi guys! I´m having a serious problem here.
I tried to add some libraries to my game. When I restarted and load the game, it appears the error: Already added an item with the same key. And the game doesn´t load anymore. I cannot edit the library as well.

How can I do now? I don´t wanna lose all my progresses in the build and start all over.

Thanks a lot in advance.

From the "problems when starting Quest" FAQ, it appears that this sometimes happens if a game exists more than once in the recently opened files list.

Follow these steps (thanks Jay!):

  • Run "regedit" (e.g. press the Windows key and then hit "R" and then type "regedit" in the box that pops up.) If it asks to be able to make changes to the system, say "yes".
  • Under Computer in the tree on the left, look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER and open that folder.
  • Look for SOFTWARE under that and open the folder.
  • Search down for Quest under that and open the folder.

We need to delete two keys, "Recent" and "EditorRecent" (in fact you only need to delete one; the former if the play browser is a problem, the latter if the edit browser is the problem, but if you are not sure it is safest to delete both). Right-click on the word "Recent" and then choose "Delete" from the popup menu. Choose yes to confirm. Do the same for "EditorRecent". Close the Regedit program (no need to save).

Note that when you open Quest, the "recent" lists will be empty until you begin using Quest again, but that is preferable to not being to open Quest at all!

(This has never happened to me, but it's there in the manual, so I assume it's right)

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