Listing verbs as an option?

So I want to know how to give the player options of what to do in a certain situation. So lets say you enter a room, and a dragon appears, I want to give the player two options in links so one is flee, and the other would be something like stay and fight. How would I got about this?

Code View Method:

txt = "Upon entering the room, you see a dragon.<br/> You decide to:"
choices = Split("flee;stay and fight", ";")
ShowMenu (txt, choices, false) {
  if (LCase(result) = "flee") {
    msg ("You have chosen to run like a baby.")
  else if (LCase(result) = "stay and fight") {
    msg ("You have chosen to stay and fight.  (Good luck to you, brave adventurer!)")


Is this a game book or a text adventure?

Text adventure, but I plan to do a game book on the said, so I would be interested how my question applies to game books too

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