Help please...

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. This isn't about making a game or anything it's that I downloaded the latest Quest and then once I open a game/story(I've tried many) I get stuck on the first page. I can't interact with anything its like I'm highlighting stuff and that's it. I can still close the game without exiting quest so I know it isn't the app itself that doesn't work. I can still browse the top rated and all that but once I open a game I cant interact...hopefully someone knows what to do because I'm feeling extremely stupid...

try download someone exes game and see if it works...
There have been a few reports of bad installs.

Maybe report the bug to the higher ups. Although, it could be anything.

It sounds like something may have gone wrong with your download.

This exact same thing happened to me, and this was the fix (I hope it helps!):

  1. Uninstall Quest.

  2. Download Quest again.

  3. Install Quest again.

Also, you can try downloading the '.net framework' files too:

ht.tps:// (download the '.net framework 4.7' link)

(remove the dot/period in the 'ht.tps' for it to work in the URL)

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