Popup Problems

Anyone else been having a problem with {popup:text:description}?

I've just tried using it for the first time, with this.

Print Message:We hope your flight was enjoyable and you’ve arrived in good health, free of any cryogenic amnesia or coolant burns! Berg Imperial prides itself on providing excellent wellbeing{popup:*:As required by law and as long as persons adhere to their contractual obligations. Failure to adhere to the agreed upon work contracts can result in instant termination and the immediate loss of any provided wellbeing or good health currently or previously provided.} to all of its staff, from Core Personnel to the Common Colonist!

I get the hyperlink come up on my little star, which looks nice. But it doesn't do anything. I can mouse over and click it, but nothing. Nil. Zilch.

Further adding onto this, I managed to get it to work. Sort of. I think Popup refuses to activate when the game is in a state of get input.

There is a bug that stops it working in the short text contains any characters other than numberd letters and underscore.

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