It won't let me create a game using the Quest Browser option

So basically, I'm Trying to create my first game, so, I click the option to use 'Quest'
then, I select the make in browser option
So, I do the first step, yah know, enter in the title of the game I'm gunna create, choose the type of gameplay, choose what language... yah get the point...
BUT, for some reason, it says 'Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request.' whenever I try to continue to the next step...
Idk what I'm doing wrong, any help?!?

Also Note: I need the administrator pin to download the desktop version of Quest... so yeah, I can't really get the desktop version since I don't know the administrator pin... .-.

For some reason, some features of the site are only working over HTTPS.

You need to change the address to get it to work. Just click in your browser's address bar and add https:// to the beginning (replacing http:// if it's there)

Sometimes online Quest will time out or just freeze. Thankfully, it AUTO-SAVES your work, so although it is a pain a t times, at least you won't loose everything!

I tried the desktop version of Quest and it was far too un-user friendly for me. The ONLINE Quest is a dream to use in comparison in my opinion.

Tip : Make sure you plan your game map and allow plenty of space for up/down areas to function. I found that if you map too tightly up/down locations it can mess up the map system. I ended up with no map in places as the higher or lower "layers" in my maps were conflicting!

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