[solved] How to highlight an Exit?

I try to print a highlighted Exit which the player can click on, just in the auto-generated room description. So when the player clicks on it, he gets moved right away.

These things work with normal objects and it returns a highlighted link, but not with exits:

GetDisplayNameLink ()
GetDisplayAlias ()
{object:" + object.name + "}

With exits, they get printed correctly but aren't highlighted...

In a script:

somevariable = GetDisplayNameLink (exit27, "exit")

Or in text:


(substituting the actual name of your exit for exit27, of course)

Thanks, I haven't seen that the text processor have this option.

foreach (ex, ScopeExits()) {
  msg ("{object:" + ex.name + "}")

This works fine. Using the name attribute because of  a variable.

If you're making a list, you could also do:

msg (Replace (FormatExitList ("", ScopeExits(), ",", ""), ",", "<br/>"))

(The function used by Quest's default "You can go" list, but replacing the commas with newlines)

Okay, not sure what the Replace function is, though I looked it up.

I have it like a ''Paths:'' pane with exits, doors and other moving methods are listed together if reachable.

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