Help with dropdowns that store names of present objects

I want to create a tab that does something similar to how we can create exits and then create another connecting exit in the other room.
The current exits are insufficient and I have decided I will not use them in my project. Please don't suggest I simply use exits instead.

In an object type I call a path object, I want to first create a dropdown list that contains all relevant objects in all rooms ( I call these objects locations). When a location is selected in the dropdown list the user can click the create path button (like create exit button) and store the location's name in a variable called connected_location_name.
I want to also create the checkbox that when checked will also create a path object in the selected location and give that path object the name of this path object's parent's (also a location) name. I am unable to figure out how to do this and was curious if I could get some help.

I apologize for being long winded.

Nevermind you guys can close this thread I figured out how to do all this.

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