Making an object's name change after looking at it.

I'm trying to make an object's name change from blob to swiss army knife after you look at it, is there a way to do that?

I'm doing a quest text adventure game

An object's name is how it is referred to in the code, so you should probably make it something useful like swissarmyknife even if the player doesn't know what it is yet. You use the object's alias to control what the player sees.

If you have a script for the object's look, you could include a line like:

this.alias = "swiss army knife"

to change the name that the player sees.

...I believe The Pixie recommends using a function to make the change SetAlias (this, "Swiss army knife") as that takes care of qualifiers such as "worn" for clothing.

Unusually use the “first time” script. Lots of ways to skin a cat. It just depends if you want BBQ cat, fried cat, sautéed cat, boiled cat, poached cat, or the inexplicably popular warrior cat…

Yes. I use the first time script a lot
If you set the else option as first time again you can have a whole string of descriptions as long as your arm.

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