Object Not Working With Verb

hi, real newbie here. i've put off making this post in hopes that i'd be able to find another post that addresses this, but i haven't. i'm assuming i'm making a simple mistake, but here's my problem:

i'm trying to interact with my first object. it's a wearable object (i have selected this in the options and everything seems to be checked and right there), and i'm trying to get a response from saying "put on coat" for example. this only gives me the response "I can't see that". i have a couple of problems having to do with this-- 1. i tried to register the verb "put on" and quest's telling me it clashes with "wear" despite neither giving me a response i'm trying to make happen when i use them. 2. i deleted and remade "coat" except while before it said something like "I can't see that (coat)" it's now not even registering that "coat" is an object.

some information that might be helpful: i've tried making "put on" a verb, i've tried making "wear" a verb, i've tried making both attached to the object, the object is in the room i'm trying to use it in, and it's visible.

i'm just pretty frustrated at this point and i've tried trial-and-error as far as i can.

If you have the coat as a wearable feature then make sure it is in the same room as the player. That is the first thing that comes to mind.
No reason to add a wear or put on verb, it should run the command wear.
'Put on' is part of a separate command for placing something on top of something.
The 'put on' you want is not fulfilling the command 'put #object1# on #object2#'.
If you create a coat and make it wearable it will (wear) the object.
Do nothing with the verbs.
So, Delete the coat and
Try it one more time

Best answer I have....

There are already "put on" and "wear" commands built in, and the way they work is pretty complex. Trying to create your own verbs for these things can lead to some pretty confusing problems.

To make the coat wearable, just make it wearable. After ticking the "Wearable" box on the Features tab, a new "Wearable" tab will appear. You need to change the "Can be worn?" option there to "Can be worn". If you want to display a message when the coat is worn, put it in the "Message to print when wearing" box.

If you want to run a script when the coat is worn, give it a script attribute named onafterwear. Or, on the game's Features tab, enable "Show advanced oiptions for wearables" which will make a whole lot of new options appear on an object's Wearable tab.

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