Battle Royale Game: Halfwat There!


I recently got to halfway on my battle royale game (Decimation) roadmap.
This is a big milestone for me!

I just wanted to thank everybody who has helped me out along the way.

I have a few questions.

  1. Multiplayer

I have used a handful of websocket servers to add a multiplayer feature. However, anybody can easily use this to cheat and move around in the game's code. I just want to know if I can secure this?

  1. Explosives

Using the combat system reccomended by the quest documentation, is there a way to construct an explosive (My whole development team have dubbed this "DynoMight") that damages buildings and players?

  1. Saving (FYI Not related to battle royale)

I can't seem to get quest to save/load any games! It works on that seedship one, but nothkkng else.

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