Object names and aliases getting mixed up?

Quest is doing something very strange and I don't know why, and it's happening with all of my non-player objects.

For instance, I have an object named "NeilNPC" with "Neil" as its alias. However, when I write something like "NeilNPC.parent", the game tells me that it can't find the object. It'll find NeilNPC just fine if I instead put in "Neil.parent" though. This is especially weird because "player.parent" works just fine when I've given the player a different alias.

Is this a bug or am I completely misunderstanding how Quest deals with names and aliases?

I'm not sure with the newest version of quest (might be a accidental bug), but with quest v550, this shouldn't be happening...

to check if you done anything to cause it:

I'd create a new game and do something simple, and see if you still got the mess up with 'name' and 'alias', if there's no issue in this new game, than you did some code changing in your other game file, causing this issue.

if you messed with the internal code (you've changed code in the library files directly themselves and saved over them), then you'd have to remove quest and re-download it to see if you still got the same issues with 'name' vs 'alias', if you do, then it's a bug in quest.

It seems like a bug with v5.6.3. I was using 5.6.2 before today and it didn't seem to be an issue.

I just reinstalled 5.6.2 and created a new project, and the issue isn't happening. However, it still happens with the projects I created (or even just saved) in 5.6.3.

Is there any way to fix my project without having to redo the whole thing in 5.6.2 again? I'm not sure how to fix this.

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