The words DoAttack shows up at start of game

So whenever I click "start," it has "Do Attack" written at the top of everything. This is using Mr. Pixie's Zombie Apocalypse rules. Combat seems to be working fine and it only shows up the first time. The "DoAttack" function is a straight copy-paste from Mr. Pixie so I doubt the problem lies there. This is what the actual first page looks like:

You can go south.

Room description here.

Have you accidentally named the room "DoAttack"?
Or does the starting room have a beforeenter script containing msg("DoAttack")?

Nope, neither. In fact when I changed the player object's starting parent room, the "DoAttack" words occur in those rooms too. Only ever the first, though. Nothing in the Game Scripts either that specify "DoAttack."

Can you provide a link to the game or copy/paste the full code? It's hard to find a bug without seeing the code.

Oh, I figured it out! There was an object which, for some reason, I made it print a message rather than running a function for Do Attack if the player were reachable. Considering the object I put this on was in a different room I hadn't looked for it there. Thanks!

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