Hiding source?

So, what I'm making is part of an online puzzle, and it's very important that the source is hidden. Is there currently any way to do this? I see that for the online games that I can browse for quest, you still just download the game and it's aslx file is accessible, and you can see all of the source and resources for the game.

While I do not think it is possible, take a look at obfuscation. theory is you might have to use java script to scramble and unscramble as needed. However, it is "data" not "code" that you want to scramble, and don't think that is possible.

the otherway, is to make your puzzles in java script - THAT you can obfuscate.

Yeah, I'm using alot of Javascript for other parts of this, and the problem there is that you can't really obfuscate the data. I mean, you can, but it can be unobfuscated easily and data like strings are still visible, so I've had to find other ways around that. I hate to abandon using Quest, it's an amazing piece of software! Too bad we can't compile it though: (

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