Create Your Own Adventure

So, I searched, but probably did the wrong keyword or missed it, but how do you use quest to create your own adventure? text or game book? I assume game book, but then how do I keep the player from scrolling up to read what they did in the last thing that brought them here?

I just joined this website a few hours ago, but I think I can help; I was equally confused when I started because the differences are not immediately clear.

When you create a game, you see the "Text Adventure" option includes hyperlinks for the player to click and interact with things. They can also type commands, talk to NPCs, ask questions, etc.

The Gamebook only allows the player to choose between the choices you provide. Yes or no, stay or leave, say nice or neutral or mean replies.

I hope this clears things up.

Great, there's a tutorial on both. For a regular text adventure, just go to "create", then look about the games you've made (if any). You will need to search in the forums (the search bar)(technically the play search bar thing works too) to find other tutorials.

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