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I have just noticed that my game is missing a picture when you play it online. The download version appears to be fine (which is where it was tested) and the same picture is used in another place successfully with the online version. Is there a known issue with missing resources? Is there anything I can do to fix it ? It is only a tiny picture but it is vital to the solution of the puzzle.

The game is http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/g2lj8okseeslx8z6cez3aa/lost-cavern (currently



Assuming the missing image is named west pillar symbol.png - you have the filename incorrect.

It's used in two descriptions:

  • It is an ancient pillar made of stone about waist height. It has the mystic symbol {img:West pillar symbol.png} carved on the side of it.
  • The stone plinth has {img:west pillar symbol.png} carved into it.

Note that the first one has a capital 'W' in the filename; in the second one it is lower case. The actual filename has a capital letter.
I'm assuming that the desktop player doesn't check that the filenames match exactly; but accessing files over the web is case-sensitive.

Hope that helps.


Yes, thank you so much. I guess games need to be tested online as well as locally to avoid such mistakes.

Once again thank you for your help both with this issue and the previous ones you have helped me with, it is much appreciated.


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