NPC Entering Message - What Should Happen In the Dark?

Hello, everyone!

This is really a question related to Quest 6, but I'm posting it here because it doesn't really involve coding or anything. Just seeking feedback on how things should work, and I imagine this will get more attention in the actual Quest forum.

In Quest 6, there's an easy way to have NPCs moving around in the game and/or following the player (or other NPCs). So, say Ralph is following you. You enter a room, and, after the room description prints, it will print something like: "Ralph enters from the east."

Well, what if it's dark in the current room? What should happen by default? Should Quest simply not report an NPC entering the room in the dark?

Quote from The Pixie on GitHub:

I am trying to think the best way to do this. What do you want to happen?

Do you want the player to get a message; "You hear someone enter the room." If so, would that depend on the NPC - you do not hear the ninja for example? Would it depend on the room? If yes to either of these, where would you want to put the strings?

This seems like a good question for the Quest forum.

What should happen by default?

I don't think you can say that here. Anything could happen. Or simply what is programmed. Maybe you can hear him. Maybe you can smell him? :-)

I'd say it depends how darkness works.

If the NPC would have been visible, had he been in the room when the player entered (he's a weak light source or equivalent) then he should be mentioned so that the player has the same link.

I'd say that if you have some attribute that can be set to customise the text when an NPC enters, then there should be a "dark" variant of the same attribute.


  • Character has a 'darkenters' attribute?
    • Yes: display that
    • No: are they visible in their new location?
      • Yes: give the same description regardless of darkness
      • No: show nothing

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