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Heya guys, I've been working on a small project with the gamebook to keep myself busy but recently it somehow got corrupted as it just was completely empty. I managed to retrieve the code from extracting the .quest file as a .zip file but now the editor panel is completely empty.

I've seen someone have the same problem but with the text-adventure mode. The fix didn't seem to work for me, although that's probably a problem I caused myself.

I'm a bit new to posting here so I have no idea if I need to post the code or not, just tell me if I should :)
Thanks in advance for all the help!

The text adventure version of the solution will have told you to add a line

  <include ref="CoreEditor.aslx"/>

near the top of your file (probably right after the <asl line and before all the <implieds). For a gamebook the method is the same, but you need to add:

  <include ref="GamebookCoreEditor.aslx"/>


Hope that helps.

Yup worked like a charm! Although now the code has tons of functions that weren't there before but at least I can now edit it again, thanks a ton!

I think if you use the same method to include GamebookCore.aslx, you should be able to delete the extra functions and they will go back to being hidden.

Or take a look at them and find out about all the useful functions you get by default, and how they work.

Sorry, I keep trying to revert it back by deleting the implieds etc. but I can't get it to work as that crashes everything. For now everything is variations of this when I try to look at it or search something new:

Ah; for some of the labels you may also need to include English.aslx or EditorEnglish.aslx

I put the editorenglish in without any problems but the weird names keep happening, did I somehow input something incorrectly?
Here is my code, it may be a bit messy so be warned ;)


This might help:

That was old info.

I just switched to Windows for a moment (it only hurt a little) and created a test gamebook. I then compiled it to a quest file. I then unzipped that and opened "game.aslx" in a text editor.

I only had to change one line to make it open in the editor.

This was the existing code (the first 4 lines):

<!--Saved by Quest 5.8.6836.13983-->
<asl version="580">
  <template name="NothingToUndo">Nothing to undo!</template>
  <game name="Save the Code">

Change that third line.

<!--Saved by Quest 5.8.6836.13983-->
<asl version="580">
  <include ref="GamebookCore.aslx" />
  <game name="Save the Code">

That one change to the third line of code made the editor work properly for me.

holy quacemole, that actually did the trick, thank you so much!
Now I'll be able to continue working on it :)

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