Can u show me How to make a cutscene

I am trying to add a cutscene and would appreciate if someone taught me how to, plzzzz!


There's a LOT of ways to do this, and I don't know how you've structured your game.

Regardless, here's how I would do it:

Create a room called Cutscene1Room, with whatever alias you want.

When it's time for the cutscene, move the player to the room. In the room, print whatever dialogue you want.

Then, at the bottom, end it with:


This will show players a clickable link called Continue, which when clicked, activates the command you'd get by entering C.

Alongside this, have a command called PressC, which triggers just on the letter 'C', and it's:

if Player in Cutscene1Room{
move player to WhateverRoomYouWantNext

Hope this helps!

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