After compiling my quest file to html, unable to click any links

After I compiled my quest file using a quest compiler, the links dont work. Left clicking, right clicking, middle mouse clicking, nothing worked. Not a damn thing. I really need help.


Sorry, but that's one of the things that we're currently trying to get to work.

A list of a few things that we know won't work:

More issues which have been reported:

The exit links usually work, but none of the command links or verb links work for me. (Sorry. I did warn about that on your last thread, though. I always do my best to keep from getting people hopes up when I know something might go awry.)

The easiest thing I've come up with until we get the links working is disabling hyperlinks before building the Quest game.


NOTE: I've never tried to compile a gamebook...

This isn't a gamebook, is it?


Yeah, I suck for not warning everyone in a bigger font. I sincerely apologize.

The links will not work when compiling with Quest JS, and, if your game is a gamebook, NOTHING will work.

Sorry about that. I truly hope it's a text adventure!


I fixed it (as far as command links are concerned).

Add this last line at the VERY beginning of your game.js file (whether it's a text adventure or a gamebook):

var canSendCommand = true;

Here's a link to a gamebook compiled with Quest JS:

Here's a link to the newest 'version' of Quest JS (which I just updated):

If someone can figure out how to make the verbs list work with a text adventure, I will add that to the file as well. (I'm trying to fix it, but I haven't had any luck yet.)

Have a nice day!

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