The date

Is there a way to retrieve the date and/or time without using JS?

I'm doing this right now:

JS.eval ("var today = new Date();var dd = today.getDate();var mm = today.getMonth()+1;var yyyy = today.getFullYear();if(dd<10) {dd = '0'+dd} if(mm<10) {mm = '0'+mm} today = mm + '/' + dd + '/' + yyyy;ASLEvent('SetDate',today);")
  <function name="SetDate" parameters="today">
    game.todaysdate = today
    if (not HasAttribute(game,"datesplayed")) {
      game.datesplayed = NewStringList()
    list add (game.datesplayed, today)

Simple answer: No.

Right on.

I tried everything I could find using various C and .NET "dialects", and thought it wise to ask before giving up and adding JS, an ASLEvent, and a SetTimeout().

If anyone is interested, a more in-depth explanation concerning setting the date using JS is here:

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