My game has a total of 76.4 MB, but still runs. How is this possible?

I added a ton of royalty-free music and sound-effects to my game from, and after a laborious effort to get it to publish an update, I downloaded it to see what it did to the MB cap. It was at 76.4 MB. I thought the limit was 20MB? I'm coding strictly on the website. I don't have the Quest application. Can someone explain how this is possible? Will this damage my game in anyway? I am nowhere near finished with the game, I still have so much more planned. Please help and let me know if it's safe to proceed with coding, or if I should remove the sound-effects and music.

(Side note: Before I added the music and side-effects, I had been getting a ton of 'Sorry, there was an internal error.' messages and the website was forcibly reloading, making me lose a bit of progress sometimes. (I now instinctively copy pages after I finish writing them before I save because this error message usually only occurred when I pressed save.) Is this normal, or is this because of the MB cap? I don't want to cut down on the story's content / multiple routes / paths / endings because I worry it will ruin the quality of the story and wreck what I want to achieve with it. If need be, I want to know how I can transfer the game elsewhere to code it without risk of damaging the game with an MB cap.)

I'm not sure if the web editor or player actually has a size cap; though perhaps someone can correct me.

My understanding was that the size limit applies only when a game is uploaded; in the case of the web editor, I think this would be when you press 'publish' (transferring the game from the editor to the game-hosting part of the site)

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