So Long, and Thanks for All the Code!


Hi, everyone!

As you may have noticed, I've pretty much lived on this forum for quite a few months, but now I must be moving on to an offline world (at least for a while).

The Quest community is one of the best I've ever known, even if we are all online! Everyone is polite and fun and all that nifty stuff, and I've enjoyed each and every interaction!

I hope everyone has learned at least half as much from me as I have from you, and I wish everyone the best!

Happy gaming,


Come back!



You didn't even fix that thing I sent you...

Bye, I guess...

Best of luck, and good luck with the new programs you'll be working on. And so on, and so on.

It's good to switch off at times. Can't say I blame you after all these (very very helpful) posts.
Be well KV and see you around!

<I'm giving it a month, no... two weeks.

No... a week!

Then I expect to see you on here again :)

And if I'm mistaking (it's been known to happen) I'll be sure to keep in touch via email!

All the best!>

... for all the incredibly valuable help you've supplied!!!!!

Best of luck to you in your new endeavors, KV. The forums will not be the same without you! And thanks for turning me on to javascript!

Good Luck KV, thanks for all your help.

You're awesome, KV. Don't forget we're always here for you too! ^_^


@ KV/RH/ETC (lol):

Best of luck in the real world, "Live Long and Prosper", a good trek-nerdy response, as any for this goodbye, lol

Thank you for learning to code so well and quickly!, lots of posts/threads for me to study, hehe

Feel free to drop by, time to time, to at least say hello, you're always welcome and loved here

(if you're leaving because you got a programming/software-engineering-development or game-design-making job, let us know!)

Huge thanks for the over-and-above effort you have put in since your arrival. Previously I would muddle through without asking questions and accept Quest as it was, 'warts and all'. In the last couple of months you have helped make huge improvements, especially in implementing dynamic maps, game panes and hyperlinks; making maps 'display only'; and tackling some subtle Quest problems. I think you also encouraged others to get involved to help clear up issues at warp speed. You are leaving Quest in great shape so I hope you can enjoy your break with a feeling of genuine satisfaction. It's been a very productive period and, most importantly, fun all the way! Thanks!!

It was always a pleasure to study your work in Quest. You've taken Quest a step further. Thank you for the fish and see you around



I just came back for a second because I forgot my hat (actually just needed to tie up a few loose bits of code), and...

Gee, shucks!

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

I love all of you, too!

( friends. Just friends, so calm down!)

@ Cheese

I see your Invisiclue, sir, and here is a message for you (it may help if you read it aloud):


It pleased me very much to see that Pertex caught my Douglas Adams reference!

I am going to be sort of like Wonko the Sane, you see. You guys and gals are in the asylum. I am going to be just outside of the asylum. In a land called "offline".

So, I'm not really leaving the forum. I'll just be in a world that has no forums.

...which means I'm leaving the forum, I guess... but you know what I mean!

I'll get online from time to time, but I'm afraid it won't be very often.

Thanks again for the good times, the knowledge, the insights, and the kind words, everyone!!!

Long days and pleasant nights to you!


My nomme de plume and I are both in this game:

So, if you're ever feeling adventurous (or if you simply miss me (or if you just want to play the game, which has just been updated)), you can talk to one of those textual representations of my digital self.

There are quite a few ask topics set up. Speaking to one of me will display a menu of those topics. (Plus, one of my doppelgangers will usually tell you how to get past XanMag's parts of the game, depending on your progress.)

Happy gaming!

I’ll vouch for his digital self. It’s close enough to the real thing...

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