new here and need help

umm hello i just wondering how to make like a secret room/portal that takes u somewhere else that it makes a new map

There are a few ways.

The first way is to make a non-directional exit.

Here's a playlist for Quest game tutorials.

You can also use a teleport feature. There are two main ways.

This first is this:

MoveObject (player, room 2)

You just move the player to a different room.

The second is a bit more complicated.
It is a teleportation system.
It basically works like this:

player.current_room = player.parent
player.old_room = player.current_room
player.parent = player.old_room

This is just the code to get BACK!
The real code involves string lists. Someone else can help!

I don't know how to make more than one map, but I think it makes a new map automatically if you move the player to a room that is not connected to the first room.

I'm not that familiar with the map stuff, but as far as I understand:

you got to clear the map and then re-populate it, when you teleport to a different map area and/or traverse vertically, as there's only 1 map at a time, and also rooms that aren't directly-adjacently connected, screws up the map as well

jmne54 got it covered on how to move without using Exits, if that's what you want

the 'MoveObject' Function is a 'helper' Function as its doing (setting) the built-in 'parent' Object Attribute's Value for you, as its the 'parent' Object Attribute that actually controls/determines containment heirarchy (including your current and moving-to locations):

player.parent = room // the 'player' Player Object is contained within the 'room' Room Object

MoveObject (player, room2) // "moves" the 'player' Player Object into (contained within) the 'room2' Room Object

MoveObject (player, room2) ==== player.parent = room2 // this is what the 'MoveObject (player, room2)' Function is doing for you, they're the exact same thing

// player.parent = room2 // the 'player' Player Object is contained within the 'room2' Room Object

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