Quest Can't Find the Images?

Hello hello, I'm using the most recent desktop version of Quest, for Windows, and I'm trying to finish up on my Character Creation. I have everything set up, all the variables and everything working fine, the issue arrives at the end, when I try to get an image to come up to show what all of your choices have done.

All I get is the tiny little default image when it can't find the actual picture. I've tried putting the images in bunches of different folders but it looks like Quest can't find them? Any ideas?

Let's say your game is called:

The Adventures of Nil

And your image file is named nada.png.

Put the file nada.png in the folder "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Quest Games\The Adventures of Nil\". (It must be in the game's main folder during editing. Quest will include it with the game file when you compile to publish.)

From there, there are numerous ways to do it, but here are three of the easiest:

msg ("{img:nada.png}")
msg ("<img src='"+GetFileURL("nada.png")+"'/>")
picture ("nada.png")


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