Changing the font of the desktop version

Hey everyone!

I have vision issues, and i can't see very well on small fonts. I like very much the desktop version, so anyone knows how to change the font size in the editor's page? i'm not into programming, so i don't know nothing 'bout it, and i really need to see what i'm creating, not only playing.

Thanks for any help!

I'm looking through the desktop editor, and I don't see a way to do that unless you want to dig into the core files to alter the font declaration somehow. You can certainly use the editor to change the frontend font via Game > Display.

A couple options that you might try:

  1. See if you can you change your monitor's display settings to enlarge everything.
  2. Edit your .aslx file in a friendly text editor that will allow you to change the point size. This will require you to get more familiar with the programming side of things because you won't have the GUI.

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