Getting panes to appear on the iPad

Hi guys!
Total newb. I made a game for the children at my daycare center. It looks great on the computer, but on the iPad (which is primarily what they use), the side panes and margins do not appear. They do need to see their life/atk/def attributes as well as inventory sometimes to play.
I tried combing through the forums already but couldn't seem to find a straight forward answer.
Thanks in advance!

I think an iPad will use the mobile version of the site, which is optimised for small screens. To the right of the command bar is a '+', which you tap to make the panes appear.

I think this could probably be better done; but it's the way Quest currently works.
I've not tried on an iPad, but when I use Chrome on Android there is a menu option "Request desktop site", which will attempt to stop the site recognising that you're on a mobile device. This might make the panes appear normally, but will also force the text area to a minimum width (meaning that depending on your device, you might need to scroll horizontally to see everything)

Hmmm... I got rid of the command bar for most of the game and use links as it is for younger ages. I will check on that "Request Desktop site" option!

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