how do i make a monke pick up objects and use them randomly?

i'm making a game called "room3", which is about a glowing dude (you) in a room filled to the brim with objects to play with.
(ps: if you want to play the very first version, here's the .quest file:

anyway, for update 0.2, i want to add a companion. a monkey.
i would like this monkey to be able to pick up items. I know how to make it USE the items already, but I don't know how to make the little guy pick it up in the first place. (example: monkey picks up a pen, realizes it's a pen, and scribbles on the wall with it.)

The whole reason why I'd like to add a monkey is because I'd like a reason for an NPC to interact with the world curiously.

Just roll a number and then have the monkey use it.

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