Are servers down?

I keep trying to upload a game for a test but when I click 'Play online' it just shows me a white screen with 'Loading...' written on it.
Also I tried to create a new game within the website just to try if it's a problem with my game file or a problem with website and I couldn't manage to do that either. It shows me a 'Server Error in '/' Application.' when I try to create a new game.

It makes me wonder are the servers currently down? Because last week I could upload my file and test it. I also made sure that it is under 20mb.

Adding that I am getting the same problem, so it's not just you!

ohhh, glad I'm not alone! hopefully that's fixed soon :(

I find you can edit a game But not play it to check progress

I personally cannot edit my game. I cannot play it either. I

I’ve also noticed that I can’t play any games without being stuck in the loading screen. The only games that DON’T lock me in this loading screen are the editors picks.


This won't really help, but:

All of the Editor's Picks are HTML games. Those are on a different server system (or something of that nature).

Quest games have to be run through something special to make them run online. So, no Quest games should work online when the Quest server is down, but all other games should work.

My game in progress edited yesterday but would not play . Today it does neither.
This happened a few months ago someone made an adjustment and it was ok .

Just wanted to start creating my first game and I'm stuck on the "Loading..." screen, too :((

Anyone know when it'll be back up?

Really hoping this gets resolved soon...

Is it significant that the online advertising has disappeared?

I'm also having the same issue. I'm relatively new to the Quest community, and I'm not sure about the current state of this platform. Is the creator still active either in the forums or otherwise? Or are there any admins here that can weigh in on this issue or the platform at large? I'm sure it would be appreciated. If there are fees required for upkeep or something that the community could help with, perhaps you could start a Patreon or something to keep the lights on, so to speak.

The other night I submitted a message through the contact form and also posted an "Issue" on the Github in hopes that something would get through. So far, nothing...given that it was working just a few days ago, I hope it's rescuable!

The developers' blog ( had its last new post early this October, so just a couple of months ago, and based on the history there, there's no reason to think it's been neglected, I don't think. Not sure what's going on right now!

Уже 17 декабря, а ничего не решается. Кто - нибудь знает, починят или уже не ждать?

i’ve been wanting to play a quest game for a while but they still haven’t fixed it...

I've had the same issue for at least 3 days now. Just a loading screen.

I've tried diving into some of the history of this site. I've been able to sus out that Alex Warren was the creator of Quest, and that he has basically washed his hands of the project back in 2016. It looks like he did find a team to run things here.
If anyone here has contact with any of these folks, it might be good to reach out and see if something can be done about this issue.

As an additional note, I have to say that I love Quest as a tool, and I want to extend my gratitude for all the hard work people have put in developing this platform and keeping the community alive. I am not a strong coder, and am "learning by doing," but if there's anything I can do to alleviate the burden of keeping this system running smoothly, I am happy to help. I just started developing my game a month or two ago, and I hate to think that this great piece of software may evaporate.

  1. I don't work here, but . . .
  2. I've been around a while (off and on), and I bet it gets fixed soon. In fact, it's most probably being worked on as I type this.
  3. Quest 6 is in development, and it shouldn't be dependent on the system that is currently down.
    • The Quest 6 games definitely won't be dependent on it (my test Quest 6 game works on this site right now), but I'm not sure how the editor will work. (I'm thinking neither will be dependent on it, but I'm not positive.)
  4. I just emailed the guy who once ran this site (not Alex Warren, but the guy from a few months back), but I'm not sure the info is still valid or if he's still running the site.

Richard, thank you for your response. Searching a bit more I found that the Pixie is still very much active. Should have done more research before posting I guess. Since I'm new as of the past month or two, I am still getting up to speed on the current climate of Quest. I did fire off an email to Pixie in case the admins were not aware of the issue so he could pass it on if necessary.

Sometimes passion projects like Quest become abandonware, and I was concerned that might be happening here. But seeing that Quest 6 is being actively worked on even as we speak puts my mind at ease. I shall exercise patience.


Pixie maintains Quest, and manowar maintains everything site-related (and Squiffy).

I sent manowar a message. He just replied that I should check it now. (I mean just replied.)

Please hold . . .


Fantastic! Thanks for helping getting it working again!

Thanks to all concerned.

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