Letting people talk

Hello, I am making a quest game for school and I am stuck on something. In my game I want the player to talk to people and select different answers, butt I can't find it. I don't get the tutorial about talking to people and it doesn't go so far to explaining that. Could anyone explain it to me? Please in simple mode. Please forgive me if I made any mistakes English is not my first language.

Text Adventure or Choose Your Own Adventure?

If TA, then... after the player types 'talk to [NPC]':

  1. Do you want a pop-up menu with options to choose from, or
  2. Do you want the player to be able to ask about anything they want?

If CYOA... then... wait for someone else to help because I don't mess with those! =)

A few choices.

  1. The ShowMenu function.
    (The show menu function is a different function, but it is coded the same way. The difference is the function is called "show menu" instead of "ShowMenu", and it makes a window pop up instead of showing choices on the main window/screen.)

  2. The conversation library. You might need to make a new game to test this out. Only used on the desktop/computer version.

This is a good step by step tutorial for different ways to make a conversation.


Tank you all for the help. I'm sure I can do it now.

dialogue/conversations is not easy, especially if you want to make an advanced dialogue/conversation system with lots of topics and responses, and layers of them,... and cross navigation/use of them...

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