Quest editor limitations ?

I am quite a way into my first text adventure built using Quest but I am struggling now as the tree view on the left hand side is only ordered by when the object was added and there are a lot of entries.. is there a way to order things alphabetically?

I have learnt a lot about commands and verbs during the development of this game and if I wrote it again it would be more structured but for now I struggle to find where a command /verb is implemented. It would be really helpful if there was a search facility.. assuming there isn't already.

Finally, I find it helps a lot to collapse the tree view and only expand the few locations that I am working on at a particular time. Could we have a 'Collapse All' button and/or have the collapsed / expanded states of each node be stored and then restored when Quest is re-opened?

I know there is work on a new version so this is probably not likely to be acted on but it is taking longer and longer to make progress as I spend so much time searching for things in Quest.


OK so I found you can go into Code View and do a search there.

If you have lots of rooms, sub-divide them into smaller groups...
IE: You have the town and houses...
Set-up your house maps into the different houses...
And each house has it's own maps.
And of the house is large, divide it into the different floors...
It works because Quest doesn't care where the room is located, as long as each room has it's own name.

a simple thing that can help a bit:

think of the Objects as like 'folders' on the computer

so, you can have Room Objects, act as organizational groups for yourself, placing your actual in-game-used Objects (Room Objects, Player Objects, and non-room-and-non-player Objects) within these 'folder/organizational' Room Objects

'player_folder' Room Object
-> 'player' Player Object

'room_or_world_folder' Room Object
-> 'room' Room Object
-> 'dungeon' Room Object
-> 'town' Room Object

'equipment_folder' Room Object
-> 'weapon_folder' Room Object
->-> 'sword_folder' Room Object
->->-> 'katana' Object
->->-> 'claymore' Object
-> 'armor_folder' Room Object

'magic_folder' Room Object
-> 'spell_folder' Room Object
->-> 'fire_spell_folder' Room Object
->->-> 'fireball_spell' Object

Thanks those a really helpful suggestions, I will give them a try.

I back up hegemonkhan regarding the folder-like structure, that's how i'm doing it to.

However, by moving things out of folders and into the main game/room folder allows you to re-arrange them a bit, although it is tedious if you have hundreds of things to sort out.

So here is a small life-hack of sorts: create empty "dummy" rooms / pages en masse, and turn them into somethign usefull later on in your desired positions.

Re-reading your posts, it seems you missed the search-bar right over the tree-structure display? You don't have to enter code view for this.

Yes, I noticed the search bar the other day .. I don't know how I missed it before but my eyesight isn't that great these days..

I have created a folder structure by area and it has been a massive help.. I think it is too late for creating dummy rooms now as my locations are pretty much all there. so that is one for next time..



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