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Is there a way to force the room description to be displayed after performing a certain action (in online version). Player in dark room, uses object, object lights up the room - so I want the (lit) room description to be shown without the player having to type 'look'.

Thanks as always.


sweet. thank you!

Last time I tried that, I just turned the description off. Then I typed a thing on the room script.

if (Contains (room,spade)) {
msg ("Suddenly, you smell something horrible. You spy a fish flopping on the ground.")

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as jmnevil54 stated, you might (or may not) want to turn off the automatic room description upon entering a room option.

then to do your room's description (in code scripting):

use 'do', as that will work for whether you're using the Attribute as a String Attribute or using the Attribute as a Script Attribute.

using 'invoke' will NOT (or maybe in this case it will... meh) work for when your Attribute is being used as a String Attribute, only as a Script Attribute.

do (NAME_OF_ROOM, "description")
// or
do (NAME_OF_OBJECT, "look")

// or


do (NAME_OF_PLAYER_OBJECT, "pov_look")

// and/or (if you have scenarios where the Player Object can be either state, then you'll need to do an 'if check' to determine which state, which will then do the correct Attribute, see further below: "how to handle either state")


how to handle either state:

if (game.pov = player_1) {
  do (player_1, "pov_look")
} else {
  do (player_1, "look")

Room Object's use the 'description' String/Script Attribute

Non-room and non-player Objects use the 'look/look' String/Script Attribute

Player Objects (when being currently controlled) use the 'pov_look' String/Script Attribute

Player Objects (when NOT being currently controlled) use the 'look' String/Script' Attribute

remember that the Player Objects have two states: currently being controlled (as a 'pc') and NOT being currently controlled (as a 'npc'), and thus have two different info scriptings: 'look' and pov_look'. This stumbles up a lot of people, as they use the 'look' (and aren't changing between Player Objects and/or never interact with a non-currently controlled Player Object) as they normally do for non-Player Objects, and then wonder and are baffled why they're not seeing there info scripting of their Player Object during game play.

Turned out to be easier than I thought, just call function ShowRoomDescription

Sweet! I'm glad you got it working! (I can't wait to play the game!)

HandleSingleCommand("look") and ShowRoomDescription() do the same thing.

When the command is simply 'LOOK', Quest calls the ShowRoomDescription() function.

You can replace look with ANY command when using HandleSingleCommand.

I.e., HandleSingleCommand("examine Pigeon Jon") or HandleSingleCommand("help").

Thanks for the info, that's really useful to know and thanks for your enthusiasm! First half of game should be ready for beta test in a week or so.

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