Changing the pane colour schemes

Well, I am really liking the ability to finally change the panes! They're something I've often felt like just totally getting rid of for the sake of them ruining the effect.


Our options are pretty limited. Is there a way for me to change the colour schemes that we're given? Tweak them?

On a further note where it comes to customising the look of a game.

Can the panes be removed or regained mid-game?

When a background is changed in game, can it be done through a fade, or transition? Fade to black? Or make a flicker?

Can I embed effects like Typewriter or Unscramble in mid paragraph?

Can I change my margin image mid-game?

Can I change background transparency mid-game?

Yep, the most questions from me ever. Can you tell I'm thinking about how to make my game look nice?


Now, remember, I'm not trying to blow your mind: you requested this:

Scroll down to USER INTERFACE FUNCTIONS on this page:

This blew my mind 3 weeks ago.

Just focus on one thing at a time. (That's the only way I can ever get anywhere.)

You can check one of The Pixie's games for a little sample of what you can do with the CSS:

This is probably what RHK is referencing, but if you search in the little google search box on the main page of the forum "modify UI" (or some vairiations of that) you will get a lot of hits on previous threads regarding this. It's not easy really, so make sure you fiddle with it in test games before trying it on the real deal first.

You can change the colours of the panes using JS.setPanes, giving it 2, 4 or 5 colours.

JS.setPanes("red", "blue", "yellow", "green")

Your fade/transition is probably doable, but will require some JavaScript. The rest are pretty easy. Remember to change the attribute on the game object so saved games will get the change, as well as the CSS of the HTML element. See links above, the first in particular.

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