Self-Duplicating Pages

Hey, so there's a page in my gamebook that for some reason likes to duplicate itself. Let me explain:

In my game, there are two variables that are constantly affected by the player's choices: Health and Sanity. I have created a function in the game that causes the player to be immediately transported to a game over page upon reaching zero Health or Sanity. The function works fine; the page loads without any trouble to speak of. The issue is that everything on that page is displayed twice, when I would prefer that it be displayed once. I've tried looking at the code view to see what I've done wrong, but it's all way over my head. Can anyone help me?

Is this the web version or the desktop version?

Had the same problem in my game... Wumpus
I think, you are moving the player to your end room...
(you see the description)
Then the script sees that you are in a new room..
(Shows room description again)

It could be a case of how you are using the "before entering the room" script
conflicting with an "after entering the room" script
Sadly... I can't say for sure what I did that fixed mine...

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