IF and attributes help (Gamebook)

If a player has a score of 0-50 he fails. And if he has 51-100 then he passes but they will be linked to a different page.
I can only do
{if player.score=0:page:Fail:See results}

I could not make it work if I do this
{if player.score>=50:page:Fail:See results}

I am still required to do the" = thing" manually, which will take too much time
{if player.score=0:page:Fail:See results}
{if player.score=1:page:Fail:See results}
{if player.score=2:page:Fail:See results}
And on the other hand, if the player passes, I should do something like this to make it work
{if player.score=51:page:Pass:See results}
{if player.score=52:page:Pass:See results}
{if player.score=53:page:Pass:See results}
That means I will do it up to 50 and 100. Is there a way to fix this?
Please help me.


Try this:

{either player.score>=50:{page:Pass:See results}|{page:Fail:See results}}

Oh I see, I will try it. I will reply again if it works.

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