Can i change the color of the texts?

I wanted to change the color of some texts but i don't know how to do it! :O

I'll give you the exact code when I get home if not given already, but try this.

Red font, homeboy!!

Type the following between these brackets - <>

font color="red"
(Or whatever color you want)

Then type your message.

Then type between these brackets - <>


Try that. Something like that.

You can do this in either of two ways:

<span style="color:darkviolet"> Here is a nice dark violet . </span>


{colour:darkviolet:Here is a nice dark violet.}

Both will print the message:
Here is a nice dark violet .

To print coloured text on here, use the first way, but either can be used to print coloured messages in Quest.

If you have a look at the 'Room' tab you'll see 'text processor help'

I'd be more inclined to the second option in Quest, but you have to get the order right:

{b:{i:{u:{colour:darkviolet:Here is a nice dark violet.}}}}

Here is a nice dark violet .

is not the same as:

{b:{i:{colour:darkviolet:{u:Here is a nice dark violet.}}}}

Here is a nice dark violet .

Note the underline, the first is in black, the second in the chosen colour.


SetForegroundColour ("purple") will change all the text that prints afterwards purple.


Skin the cat!

I didn't do it, XM! (Doctor Agon beat me to it, or I would have! [maniacal laugh])

You can also do...

font color="numberhere">Text Here</font color

^ this would be surrounded like so: < >

^ that's how I do it in mine.

If you wanted italics as well, you could do...

font color="numberhere"><i>Text Here</i></font color


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