Newbie here. Need some help with locked exits.

i plan to have the character require a carabiner for a zipline, but when I get to the Zipline, I try to use the carabiner on it, only for it to say I can't see it. The Zipline is locked, and honestly, this impairs me from making any progress on this first game of mine. Please help in any way you can.

If understand you correctly you have an exit called Zipline? If so then you won’t be able to see it (there may be a way that I don’t know), so you need to make an object, call it zipline and when you use carabiner on it it opens the exit .

Is the zipline an exit, or an object?

I think the default "use" command expects one or two objects, and will complain it can't see any other type of element (such as an exit, command, or turnscript).

Oh, I see now. Thanks!

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