No sound on mobile

Hey im super new to this. I could really use help with my first project. One issue im dealing with, is I added music to my pages. It works on the computer but the pages on silent on my mobile device. Does anybody know why?

This is a tricky bit. People have wrestled with this before.

KV helped someone do that in this thread (I think), but I think it is kind of complex:

Ok I will bookmark this until I have a little more understanding of what I'm doing

Also there is this library. Note: I have not messed with this as it is fairly new and I would not be able to help understand it really.

It might be that your device's settings have bocked the sound. Or the sound was just not compatible for some reason. Possibly because it's an mp3 file or something like that.

wouldnt mp3 be very compatible?

Take a look at those links. If you can follow them the answers is there. It’s compatibility between the language it’s written in and the device. I think. Beyond that, I’m not sure.

Convert the .mp3 to .ogg using VLC (there's more ways to do this but VLC is simple, stable and free).
To maximize compatibility make sure to use both mp3 & ogg-files.

The easiest way, by far, is to use KV's AudioVidlib (linked above).

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