The GUI Has Changed

The appearance (And apparently the functionality) of Quest changed overnight. Yesterday, the tree-menu at left of window had "Objects" at the very top and "game" underneath that. Yesterday there was an icon at top to switch to Code View. It was a circle with tow arrows pointing opposite directions: <>. Yesterday there was a "Scripts" tab at the top when I clicked on "game."

Today all those are gone. Now only four tabs for "game." Setup Features Display Interface.

I've loaded different games and started a new game, and the GUI stays like it is - Won't go back to normal. What's happening?? Did Quest do some sort of remote update?? Is my copy of Quest corrupt??

Very strange.

Well, I fixed it. I think. Uninstalled Quest and deleted every trace from the Registry. Downloaded and installed again. GUI look same as it did. Still think that was pretty strange.

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