Can we stop the automatic process of a thread being locked after sixty days of inactivity?

If this was a large community I could possibly see having that, although then again, why? Right now and almost every time I swing by, it is relatively small. Few people post new threads and even fewer respond. (One reason I think it would be a good idea to get a working Quest game maker on Steam.) So the threads either go unanswered or simply not commented on at all. Someone new comes by and they see that thread and want to comment, but now they can not. There is also no way to really start that same thread again, unless it was a question about game play that they themselves need.

I see many threads where it seems like all they were looking for was a little encouragement or some ideas, but again there were no comments and the thread is locked after inactivity. I know necroing can be annoying, but so are automatic thread locks, especially when the community is so small that the locked threads are about the first few at the very top of the page. Can we get rid of the thread locking altogether or at the very least make the inactivity longer, before it is locked? Thank you.

I'd agree with this. If I'm directing someone to an older thread where someone posted some useful code, it would make more sense for them to respond with further questions on the thread that the code is in.



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