adding an object list as an attribute

I am using the desktop version of Quest on my PC. I am curious why object list doesn't appear as a data type in the pull down menu when I create a new attribute under the object's "attribute" tab. Quite a few other data types are listed, including string list, but not object list. Is there a reason for this?

I imagine I could hack into the script and change "StringList" to "ObjectList" for the attribute. Is there a reason not to?

My larger goal is to implement a spell system in which each PC or NPC has a list of knownspells. They can review descriptions of the knownspells in their own spell book, or have drop down verb options based on their knownspells. I plan to change the POV at several points in the game, so it is important that each character keeps track of their own list of knownspells, and that the associated code is fairly reusable.

As a second question, I changed the name of my initial player to Romeo. Is there a way in code to refer to the player object, without specifying Romeo, so (for example) I could test for the player's location even if the player object has changed later in the game?

2nd question is simple: use game.pov instead of player or Romeo.

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