I noticed that there are no finished games based on Sburb from Homestuck, so I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making a Sburb game. As it turns out, making a text based game isn't as easy as it looks, so this may take a while. If anyone out there wants to see this game made, feel free to post any suggestions you have for me in this thread, help me work through some of the trickier problems I may encounter, or just come in here to let me know that you think it's a good idea and I'm not the only one here who wants to see this happen. As of right now, I've been trying to see if there is a way to implement the stack fetch modus, where you can only use the most recent item you picked up, as well as a way to increase your inventory limit by picking up sylladex cards. I am also trying to see if you can let the player name their character. If anyone can tell me how to accomplish these, it would help a lot.

Just because I lack imagination, I also require a list of hobbies for our protagonist to have that determines what items are in their room.

Well you might want to start a bit smaller for your first game. I'm somewhat familiar with what you're talking about, and that "game" gets crazy pretty fast, not at all what I would consider a good starting project.

Player naming is pretty easy, you just have to change the player object's 'name' attribute. Although taking player input for it does make it a bit trickier, but nothing too difficult since there is the get input function.

For the fetch modus I'd probably go at it by storing your inventory as a list, which can track the order of items so you then just give the player access to the most recently added item in the list.

Now I'd imagine that those links alone probably don't tell you what you really need to know to build the systems you want just by themselves, and I don't intend to give you a step by step on it right now, however I can point you to some resources that can introduce you to how most of basic stuff in quest works, and the logic behind them pretty much applies to all the more complicated stuff, at which point it becomes about learning what tools you can actually use.

So as for actual references, the quest documentation contains (as far as I'm aware) all of the available scripts and functions useable in quest (not counting getting fancy with adding custom javascripts and such) and should cover just about everything you'd want to be able to do in a text game.

As for where to actually start and get some solid examples of how things work, there is a fairly good tutorial section that's actually part of the documentation but nice to have a direct link to. Also worth noting from the main page there are actually some advanced tutorial pages that aren't included in the basic tutorial section if you scroll down on the documentation main page.

I think that's a good idea you got there! Though it's a shame, that i can't help you with anything (maybe a bit with a plot, but not sure), since i'm just a few days on this website. Maybe it's better to make this in episodes, cause it's a huge work, but that you should decide yourself) Good luck!

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