Save/Restore issue

Hi everybody,

I have an issue with the game I just created. Whenever I try to save it gives me the error:

Function not found: 'case'.

How do I fix it?

That's not enough information to track down the problem.

Can you show us the game that has this issue?

Usually function not found errors pop up when you first try to launch a quest game, that's odd...

Well, usually a missing function means that you've either misspelled an existing function call, or you've accidentally made a function call where you didn't mean to. Just one word typed outside of expected areas will create a 'call function', and if there's nothing at the destination it's being pointed to, this can throw up errors.

My advice would be to simply open up your game in script view, ctrl+f to open search, and type in 'case'. Flick through and see if you find that word floating by itself anywhere?

I published it under the name "La casa della Gola Nera". Still a work in progress of course.

Pykrete, I did what you said and it didn't do any good, I found "case" just as a text string in some descriptions, never isolated. E.g.: "Sull'albero vedi una casetta".

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