Can i change the colour of the texts in the "typewriter" effect?

so i tried to change the colour of the text with {color:red:"message"} and as i can see, it works only if it is a "print" message...but i want to have the colour of the text that is "moving" is possible or theres no way?

I thought the typewriter was just another variation on the usual text. There should be some way to do it!

Odd. I figured your attempt or the ...

<font color = "red">YOUR FONT GOES HERE AND WILL BE RED</font>

would work. It doesn't work for the typewriter or the unscramble. I guess you'll have to wait and see if a code guru can assist. Good luck.


Is red text okay?

x = game.defaultforeground
game.defaultforeground = "red"
TextFX_Typewriter ("Hello Red!", 100)
game.defaultforeground = x


The code guru will be happy to find one less thing to do when he sees this thread!

You're one of the code gurus now, KV!

You're one of the code gurus now, KV!

  1. I truly do appreciate the kind words.
  2. I hereby formally apologize to all code gurus for lowering the bar.
  3. I just realized something. (See #4.)
  4. I'm no guru. ...but, please, see #1.

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