Help with Clothes

Hello everybody, I'm making a QUEST game and I have a question.
I'm trying to make that you are wearing dirty clothes and you have to take a shower before you can wear clean clothes, but I don't know how.
Please help me.
Thank You :-)

Firstly - well done at posting this at 4:20 :D

Secondly - we need details. Is this text adventure or game book? Where are the clean clothes? Where is the shower and where is the player?

Also using flags would help (if status "dirty" is flagged up, new clothes is impossible to put on, and only way to get rid of "dirty" flag would be using the shower).

It's a text adventure, the clean clothes are in the player's inventory, the shower is in the room “Bathroom”,and the player is in the room “Bathroom”.

Then it should be really easy.

Give player attribute "dirty" or "unclean".
Clothes needs a condition about if "player=unlcean" then it is not possible to equip them.
Shower needs to change player's status after use to "clean" or just delete the unclean status, which should make using clothes possible.

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