Question: Menu and a Turn-script Menu


So I have a skill tree prepared for my game which will prompt menu's to appear via turn-scripts when the player reaches a certain stat. However, I'm wondering if I should make it a command instead to avoid situations where if there's already a menu on screen that the turn-script menu doesn't try to happen at the same time thus probably causing a...

"only one menu allowed at a time" problem.

What do you guys think?


You could have the turnscript do:

if ([condition required to display menu] and not HasScript (game, "menucallback")) {
  // etc

so it will wait for there not to be a menu on screen before it does its thing (assuming the condition continues to be true)

I'm going a bit further with this; I've got a modified ShowMenu function (named Question because I can't override functions in the web version) which checks if there's already a menu on the screen, and if there is it saves its arguments into a set of attributes which will be displayed as soon as the current menu is answered.

That's super smart :D ! I didn't know there were built-in ways around menu's overlapping one another. Hmm..

The script attribute game.menucallback is used to store the script that will be run when a menu option is selected. Checking if it exists is the simplest way to find out if there's a menu active.

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