Explore system.

Hello again.

I'm want delete the cursors directions and I wish that you can see the direcctions how links, how i make this?


Here, Imgur links.


Try one of these.

Are you referring to removing the "north", "south", "East" directions???
You can use "non-directional directions when setting up your exits...
Or are you looking for something personal related:
"You enter the room and there is a door to your right and another one across the room..."
(so you take the exit on the other side of the room... then return to this room...)
"You enter the room and there is a door to your left and another one across the room..."

I plan on making a test adventure that will use relative directions so that you don't have the N,E,S,W directions.

Thanks jmnevil54, this option help me.

I want conservate the exits, but I want see the name of exit, no the direcction.

Thanks both.

Check out my Dark Halloween...
The exits start as North, East... because you don't know where they go,
But change to the destination room after you go through the door...

I played your game, very good work!

Yes, I want something like your game, but with name in all moment, how you make it?

Put the name of the room the exit leads to in the alias box on the tab for the room exits...
And if you select "non directional" as the type of exit, then it will not show up in the compass window...

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